Forms, Templates, and Supporting Information

Road Survey Data (updated 2009-06-18)
An Excel worksheet for transcribing road survey data from the town's record books to the computer.
Road Survey Data (PDF Version) (updated 2007-08-07)
This is a PDF version of the form listed above. It can be printed and filled in by hand.
A sample road survey form
This is a road survey form that is filled with information from an actual survey description. Place the mouse pointer over an area of the form, and read descriptive information about how to fill in that part of the form. Use it as an example for your own surveys.
Road intersection location form
PDF form that you can print out and use to record your field notes when using GPS to record the location of road intersections.
Site Visit Form
This is a form to be used when making a site visit to an ancient road or "unidentified corridor". It provides a place to collect information about the location, vegetation, surface condition, and other features that may be clues to the existence of a roadway.